A Stone Cold Christmas(2018)

Characters- Demetria McKinney, Tabitha Brown, Andre Fuller, Jaidyn Triplett, Brittany Perry-Russell and Pauline Dryer-(Kira)

A stone cold Christmas is about being a scrooge. Demetria McKinney is one of my favorite actress, she played character so good. Demetria McKinney character name is Mia Stone Cold. My opinion on the movie is , I believe Mia Stone Cold was acting mean to her workers because no one show her love and didn’t have a family, so she didn’t care about people feelings or family. Mia Stone Cold employers, had to work on all holiday, she didn’t believe in raises but she did give them promotions but without pay. Mia Stone cold whole world came crashing down on her when Andre Fuller, Ken came to visit Paulina Dyer which is Kira at her job. Ken discover Mia his long loss childhood friend. Mia passed caught up with her, Mia passed caught up with her. Mia never believes in helping people until she had a wake up called. Mia couldn’t believe how she was treating people. Mia went around fixing what she shrew up. Mia apologize to all she hurt. This whole time she had a daughter working under her nose. This movie made you cry, laugh and also made you think. It’s not always about work, it about enjoying life helping others when needed and loving yourself. Treat people the way you want to be treated. This is a good Christmas movie to watch with your family or friends. It kids friendly.

Do you have a scrooge in your family?

Thank you for reading! Comment if you watched this movie.

Sorry for posting Christmas movies so late, I had death in my family.

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