The Last Time I Left My Comfort Zone

I’ve left my comfort zone when I gave someone my heart. I promise myself I wouldn’t trust no one with my heart until I met this guy name Mike. Mike showed me things no other man did, so I trusted Mike. Mike was consistent at the beginning, he called me at first an asking me questions like he was interested in me. Mike was very eager. I’ve met Mike on a dating site call Stir. It a dating site for adults who have children. Mike an I was texting back and forth non stop. Mike wanted to meet me the next day, so he came to visit me with his motorcycle. I’ve never rode on a motorcycle in my life until Mike convince me to trust him, which I did. It was a exhilarating experience, I was scare but it was fun.

The very next day we went on our first date. It was brunch or lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory. We ordered our meals. We set an had great conversation about life an our kids. Before our meals Mike went shopping at the mall while we were waiting on our table. We went to a couple of stores. Mike brought clothes for him and his daughter. I had a great time with Mike. After our lunch Mike asked do I have time to go with him to Target. I told him yes I can go. What I’ve like about Mike is he doesn’t mind walking beside me unlike other men they walk 10ft in front of the woman like we’re not together.

The day after, I slept with him, then things start to slow down. He would still text me every morning Good Morning but never show any interested in me. Mike never called me or took me on another date. I slept with him three time. I always get this feeling this man is playing me an telling me things I wanted to hear. Mike is a grown man with a daughter can be mistreated by a man. I see if a man doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom, how he’s going to treat a woman good.

The next time I will not step out of my comfort zone so easily. I’ve learned my lesson to not trust everyone that can’t be trusted. Have anyone been in a situation like this?

Thank you for stopping an reading my blog! Have a bless Day!


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