Cast: Jessica Sula, Lucien Laviscount, Ntonga Mwanza, Naomi Ryan, Danielle Vitalis, Lauren Johns, Tosin Cole, Savannah Gordon-Liburd, Modupe Adeyeye

Director: Rebecca Johnson

Writers: Rebecca Johnson

Genres: British, Dramas, Independent

This movie is Intimate, Gritty.

Laya is a young girl whom move from her grandparents house to her mother’s house so she can get to know her mother more. Laya was a shy and timid child trying to fit in with other kids but lead her in the wrong direction. Laya’s mom Shiree wasn’t trying to spend time with her at all so Laya went out an find attention else where. Shaun genuinely like her and want to be her friend but she chose the other guy instead. Before that her classmate took her with them to steal clothes out the clothing store so she can dress like them. Layla went to a video shoot and got hit on by Shaun. Shaun used Layla for sex, told her lies so she can sex him whenever. Although Shaun was her first, she felt hard for him, thinking Shaun was her man. Shaun was everyone’s man, Shaun told all the women he was messing with, they were the only one. Layla couldn’t believe what she saw or heard, she blank out almost got herself kill as she got herself hit by a car. It went as far as her one an only friend Troy was always by her side until, Layla gotten Troy killed by Shaun.

Once I seen that it hurt my soul, because I have sons, how Troy came to help you out and you double cross him like that. She was trying to get Troy to stay on the bus but he didn’t listen. If my son’s female friend or any friend does that to any of my sons, I wouldn’t know what I would do. I might snap! You don’t double cross your friend for no man. Shaun wasn’t the right guy for Layla. Shaun was a trouble man from the start, should of took her first choice and never contacted him again. Hopefully she turn him in instead of her going to jail.

If you was in that situation what would you do?

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